Ayurasa – The Sweetness of Life
In Sanskrit, ‘Ayu’ means ‘life’. ‘Rasa’ means a flavour, taste or subtle energy of richness, sweetness and delight. Ayurasa’s goal is to get you in touch with your own delight in life.

Traditional Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga)

I have been giving Abhyanga now for over 18 years and I am still deeply touched by the experience my clients have. They get off the table often with a deep sense of peace and calm. Ayurvedic Massage oils are enriched with medicinal herbs and these herbs also have a therapeutic effect. Each oil is chosen according to what your current state of being is. After applying the warm oil liberally in long strokes a sense of calm and deep relaxation leaves you feeling nourished. Regular Abhyanga protects you from anxiety, exhaustion,stress and most Vata disorders. You will feel deeply nourished and generally sleep well afterwards. Abhyanga is partof the rejuvenation program. As one client said to me, “put back together”.

Abhyanga is also a powerful treatment used in Panchakarma (cleansing therapies) to mobilise toxins held in the deep tissues of the body. It is this metabolic waste which causes pain, discomfort and disease. After the massage a hot steam bath may be given. For general wellbeing during cooler months I apply hot towels to you and this creates a feeling of deep calm and nurturing. If it’s really cold I will also wrap each foot in its own hot towel.

Problems such as muscle stiffness, arthritis, rheumatism, spondylosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease polymyalgia and fibromyalgia benefit greatly from regular hot oil massage.

Abhyanga may be given for an hour a day for 5-14 days for profoundly deep rejuvenation.

Swedan – herbal steam

Steam baths are a wonderful way to warm your body on a cold day. In Ayurveda it is used as health treatment. Herbal steam opens the pores, flushes and cleanses the body through the skin. It reduces pain and stiffness in your body, eliminates toxins and makes your skin soft. Rose water eye pads are placed over your eyes. This helps keep your eyes cool and feels quite rejuvenating.

Pindswed – herb or spiced filled boluses are warmed on a hot plate and then applied directly to the body

Such a deeply relaxing treatment with the added benefit of reducing pain and swelling associated with arthritis, lymphoedema and fluid retention. It may be applied to the whole body or locally for specific areas of blockage.


According to Ayurveda, Shirodhara is the best treatment for diseases of the nervous system and emotional problems such as chronic depression and anxiety (panic) attacks. It is recommended for chronic headaches, migraines, insomnia, depression, head tension, neck and shoulder pain, and nervous disorders. It is especially useful for pain management. The term “Shirodhara” literally translated means head (Sira) and continuous flow (Dhara).

A gentle, soothing therapy applied to your forehead using warm herbal oils and or milk to induce a deep relaxation. It creates a deep sense of calm and wellbeing and is best when combined with other treatments.

Shiroabyhanga (Indian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage)

Totally relaxing, tension relieving, sleep inducing – Beneficial for relieving stress and scalp, head, neck and shoulder pain. Shiroabhyanga is particularly effective for eye strain, headaches, neck strain and shoulder tension.

Basti Treatments

Specially prepared, warm herbal oil is poured on the affected part of the body inside a black gram paste and retained for 15-20 minutes. The healing properties of the oil deeply cleanse and enrich the blood, build and maintain strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricates the joints keeping them flexible and pain free.

Kati basti

For lower back ache, sciatica, pelvic and lumbar sacral pain. Treatment is followed by a back massage. Excellent for chronic back pain.

Janu basti

Warm medicated oil is retained over the knee joint. An effective treatment for arthritis and cracking of the joints. Helps with degenerative conditions of the knee joint.

Heart basti

A sublime treatment to strengthen the cardiovascular system. In Ayurveda and yoga the heart is the centre from where our emotions arise. When we calm the heart and remove emotional blockages the nervous system returns to a state of calm. Physically it strengthens the heart and has shown to be effective in relieving heart disease when used as part of a treatment plan.

Heart basti Is used to help conditions such as palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks and in strengthening the physical heart.

Panchakarma – (five therapies)

Panchakarma can help reverse chronic illness and restore you to a natural state of health and wellness by cleansing your body of toxins, bringing balance to your being and improving bodily function. It is one of Ayurveda’ ancient and important purification and detoxification programs.

As part of the preparation for panchakarma the above therapies deeply and safely prepare the body for elimination of toxins, by softening and loosening accumulated toxins in the body. These therapies also have the added advantage of being deeply rejuvenating and can be given on their own or as part of a panchakarma program!

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