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In Sanskrit, ‘Ayu’ means ‘life’. ‘Rasa’ means a flavour, taste or subtle energy of richness, sweetness and delight. Ayurasa’s goal is to get you in touch with your own delight in life.

Ayurvedic Consultations at Ayurasa

What happens during an Ayurvedic consultation?

During an appointment, we will look at your current state of health to determine the imbalance in Ayurvedic terms. We’ll discuss your health history and case, and your pulse, complexion, gait and general appearance will be examined. 
Together, we will discuss your treatment protocol to help bring you back into balance. Every protocol is different, but may include:
• Diet and lifestyle advice
• Herbal medicine 
• Massage
• Panchakarma (cleansing) program
The goal is to support your body, mind and emotions, helping you to reach a state of balance, health and wellbeing. 

Simple home remedies may also be offered. These little tops are something that you can not only use at home during treatment, but also utilise in the future for yourself and your family. 
As a qualified naturopath, I may offer herbs from Western herbal medicine along with Ayurvedic herbs. Many herb options are now organic, so you know you’re getting the best option for your wellbeing.  

Panchakarma Program
This cleansing program may be prescribed for you if indicated. It is a powerful tool of Ayurveda that is much more than just a gut or liver cleanse.
The protocol including short-term diet changes and daily treatments to mobilise Ama, or metabolic waste. These blockages in the body can impact on the organs, cells and tissues. By clearing these, you will experience greater health and harmony.
What are the signs of blockages, or Ama, affecting your health? Some symptoms that may be experienced include:

• Digestive issues including gas, bloating, acidity, indigestion, poor digestion and absorption of nutrients, IBS and IBD
• Coughs, colds, allergies and sinusitis
• Chronic joint pain 
• High cholesterol 
• High blood pressure 
• Blood sugar imbalance 
• And more…

How will I feel after a Panchakarma program?
You will feel light and full of energy – both in body and in mind! Many symptoms and pains you have experienced are due to inflammation in the body. This program will reduce them – if not eliminating them completely. You will feel rejuvenated.
If you have been holding onto excess weight, this will be shifted. As digestion is strengthened during Panchakarma, you will experience fewer food cravings. This greatly reduces the chance of putting the weight back on. 
Your skin will be glowing and healthy. This is what happens when you eat pure foods, cleanse your system and nourish your body, allowing the body to eliminate toxins via the gut. 
If you are dealing with a complex health concern, you may require ongoing consultations. But Panchakarma will give you the boost you need to continue on your journey to wellness.

Call Vicki on 0401 929 157 to book.

Bookings are required for all consultations and treatments.
Full payment required for all initial treatments over one hour at time of booking.
Visa and Mastercard accepted.
If you are unable to make a consultation 24hours notice is required or a cancellation fee applies.

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