Vicki’s love and passion for Ayurveda and her vast capacity to care for, support and nurture her clients helped to transform my life when I developed the painful complaint of polymyalgia two years ago. Over a period of five months, with Vicki’s empathetic support and her ‘magic touch’ massages and by following an Ayurvedic diet together with Japanese acupuncture, yoga and yoga nidra practice I regained full health. I continue to follow this regimen and have reaped the benefits – it has been a rejuvenating experience. My GP fully supported me in this journey and was as excited as I was by the results.

For anyone contemplating the pros and cons of a treatment plan of Ayurvedic medicine versus the more traditional prescribing of steroids to treat polymyalgia, I strongly recommend that you consider the long term benefits of Ayurveda which considers each person wholistically. Vicki created a special treatment plan which was a challenge for the first fortnight but totally worthwhile as the diet took out the inflammation from my body creating a ‘new me’. In the following months I followed a more expansive diet suitable to my body and continued with deeply healing massages twice weekly leading to a complete return to full health within five months. I was and continue to be fully nurtured by Vicki and thank her from the bottom of my heart.

At the time I developed polymyalgia I thought I was in the peak of health and I learned a lot about my body and myself during the healing process. The journey is definitely worth any ‘sacrifices’ you may make. I cannot recommend Vicki and Ayurvedic practice highly enough.

Margaret Woods, Fitzroy

Hello Vicki,

Solid background and praxis in Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Therapies contributed to my recovery, balance and growth on all levels of embodiment.

In honour and great appreciation to you Vicki Boucher, may many more benefit from your compassion and dedication.

Success and joy with all your endeavours

With great love

Angela Palmer

Dear Vicki,
You have a gift Vicki, you truly do. What a pleasure it is moving down the list of massages that you offer, each one given with genuine heart felt adoration for what you do.

Your energy transcends to me and makes me feel calm and relaxed, with release of emotion. If i became teary during the Pinda Swed, i can’t wait until the Heart Basti!

I thank the Universe that i found you!

With thanks

Jacinta Coburg

Thank you so much Vicki, for your loving focus and care with Ayurvedic treatments – pindiswed and heart dhara. I didn’t understand these treatments at first, what they were for or how they would help. Yet I know now they helped me to feel more settled and balanced in my body following each treatment and across the Winter months.

I know I am taking a positive step when I have a treatment. With Vicki’s welcome support and knowledge, it is a relief to unravel the threads to see what may be causing an imbalance in my body or systems. I always feel uplifted and returned to a state of balance, or heading in that direction once again in Vicki’s gentle and experienced care.

Rosalie – Box Hill North

Let’s face it, I am like everyone I try to do a million things all at once. And when Vicki suggested I get an Abyanga massage, I did not realize how much the massage will affect me.

I get regular remedial massage but this one has affected me a different way.

You feel a deep relaxation just after the massage but it continues for days and my mind has been clearer allowing me to do more things on my to do list.

And bonus it keeps your skin really soft and beautiful hair.

I would definitely recommend the Abyanga massage to anyone that need a deep relaxing experience and clarity in their life.

Vanessa, Point Cook

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